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You will have the best of the best car insurance if you just know how to select the best one. Always remember, it’s never a good deal if you got the cheapest coverage. You might end up paying for some useless car insurance coverage. Always look for an insurance coverage that comes with the things that you want offered at a reasonable rate. Be it liability, comprehensive, or any other coverage, you should be careful.

Here are top tips for better car insurance.

1. Scrutinize the car insurance ratings. Search for the top two insurers in your state. You could get an independent agent to help you out. They are the most knowledgeable people when it comes to car insurance coverage. They can recommend you the best insurance they know.

2. Never assume that affinity and affiliate programs have their best interest for you. Affinity programs are offered insurance policies at a discounted rate to a selected group of people. Car insurers will team up with a car manufacture, a union or a trade association. For example, people who own a Ford car would get a special rate through the Hartford. Do not expect that the insurance company will offer you the best customer service. Hence, you must research thoroughly so you wouldn’t end up with an affiliated company. You may get a premium break but trust what’s written in the consumer complaint ratios found in your state’s department of insurance website. More and more insurance companies have a terrible customer service every time they enter to 3rd party mass marketing programs.

3. When all else fail, contact your legislators. They are the ones mandating the car insurance policy.  If you can’t find an insurance policy that you can’t afford, seek help from your legislators. What is more is that if your current insurer is being unfair during your claims process, bring it up to the legislators. Your legislators might be able to offer you affordable car insurance especially if you have a low income.

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